Call for Interest: Instructors

Rick Hansen Foundation

Rick Hansen Foundation

Richmond, BC, Canada
Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Status: Instructors are hired by the post-secondary and often contribute to discussions regarding course timing and scheduling.

Statement of Purpose

One in five Canadians has a disability and with our aging population, the need for increased accessibility in our communities continues to grow. At the forefront of Canada’s growing accessibility movement is Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) Training. RHFAC Training increases knowledge in accessibility and promotes equity, supporting individuals and organizations in becoming leaders in access and inclusion. Advanced training teaches learners how to use the RHFAC methodology to rate buildings on their level of meaningful access. Upon successful completion and passing the RHFAC Professional exam, individuals obtain their RHFAC Professional designation, qualifying them to conduct RHFAC ratings.

Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) supports open hiring processes that result in the recommendation of candidates that reflect Canada’s diversity, lived experience, and passion for accessibility. In an effort to build a diversified pool of candidates to teach within the expanding RHFAC Training portfolio, RHF seeks to recruit individuals on an on-going and as-needed basis.

Candidates will be interested in and able to use a variety of teaching/learning strategies to teach courses related to RHFAC and accessibility, including courses for corporate groups and students pursuing Professional designation. Instructor training is provided.


Teaching, and tasks of teaching, including:

  • delivery of regularly scheduled instruction in the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer terms at select RHF post-secondary partners, that may be virtual, in-person or hybrid;
  • ensuring student awareness of course learning outcomes and evaluation techniques;
  • evaluating student progress/achievement;
  • providing tutoring for students both in and out of class;
  • considering the most effective teaching/learning model to suit the learning situation, considering learner needs, experience, and the resources available;
  • the development and management of a learning environment that is supportive of success for all students.

Eligibility and requirements

Applicants are required to meet the following requirements. Applicants must:

  • have (or be in the process of earning) a RHFAC Professional designation, which includes completing the RHFAC Training course, passing the RHFAC Professional exam, and maintaining designation through the annual completion of the required continuing education units;
  • have experience in reading design drawings and/or construction blueprints;
  • understand local code (provincial and municipal);
  • have effective communication, presentation, and organization skills;
  • have the ability to use technology to enhance delivery and support learning;
  • work independently to follow and/or adapt learning materials, based on learners’ needs and experiences;
  • have shadowed a current instructor for one full course offering including teaching one or more of the course modules (this requirement can be waived until RHF can help coordinate the activity during instructor orientation);
  • have experience in completing at least one rating (this requirement can be waived until RHF can help coordinate the activity during instructor orientation).


Adult education experience;

  • Knowledge of student success strategies in a post-secondary setting;
  • Experience collaborating with industry;
  • Entrepreneurialism experience;
  • Bilingualism (French and English, spoken and written). RHF courses are currently delivered in English, but the organization will offer courses in French in select locations beginning in late 2023.


Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) Training is currently offered at the following post-secondary institutions:

  • Athabasca University (online)
  • Carleton University (online and in-person, Ottawa)
  • George Brown College (online and in-person, Toronto)
  • Nova Scotia Community College (online and in-person, Halifax)
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (online and in-person, Calgary)
  • Vancouver Community College (online and in-person, Vancouver)

Courses run at varying frequency, dates and times at each post-secondary. Instructors are hired by the post-secondary and often contribute to discussions regarding course timing and scheduling.

See the RHFAC Training course schedule for details.