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People & HR
Canada · Remote
Posted on Monday, May 29, 2023

Make an impact internally. So our team members can do the same externally.

As an HR Generalist, you will be committed to building a culture and a structure we at SomaDetect can be proud of. Working hand in hand with the Director of Operations and the CEO, and alongside our HR Partners over at Elevated HR, the HR Generalist will be able to make connections at all levels of the organization. You’ll also be able to demonstrate your coaching, and advisory skills, as well as build programs that enhance the culture that is built on values that matter.

Day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Communication & Engagement: Connect with team members one on one and in focus groups to see how they are feeling and understand the new things that are going on. Develop compelling written documentation that engages team members. Support and research initiatives that bring team members together.
  • Recruitment & Selection: Write attractive job ads and post them on multiple channels. Screen resumes and work hand in hand with managers to support an excellent candidate experience.
  • Onboarding: Ensure new team members are connected early including employment agreements and understanding of the company. Ensure that internal team members are ready to provide support to their new colleagues by setting up meetings. Ensure the manager has outlined what success looks like for the new team member.
  • Policy & Procedures: Review and update the policies and procedures on a regular basis. Ensure the words written on the page are reflective of the culture, leading with empathy and implemented for the right reasons.
  • Performance Management: Maintain performance management system, support leaders in providing solid feedback to their team members, regularly audit the system to ensure managers are providing written documents, and follow up of conversations
  • Compensation: Work alongside the HR Partner to receive salary survey compensation data, identify pay compression and equity issues, and complete total compensation summaries on an annual basis
  • Training & Development: Work with managers to identify themes and gaps in their team members and help to determine training opportunities, specifically with soft skills and leadership development
  • Health & Wellness: Promote health and wellness initiatives, develop strategies that focus on psychological safety, and build a culture that isn’t afraid to voice their opinions or ask tough questions. Develop initiatives that support diversity, inclusivity, and equity.
  • Employee Separation: Help to support transitioning team members, develop programs to stay in touch with team members, conduct exit interviews, develop recommendations
  • HRIS Management & Reporting: Ensure Bamboo HR is up to date and populated, conducted regular audits. Identify reports that are useful to make decisions about workforce planning. Present data to the executive team.
  • Payroll: Work closely with our awesome payroll providers to ensure all information is accurate and ready for processing.

On your resume and cover letter, we are looking for the following qualifications:

  • Post-secondary education and courses that demonstrate a commitment to learning and developing yourself in the field of people operations and human resources
  • At least 2 different positions in HR, where you have been led by another Senior HR Professional
  • How many people you have recruited and the role you played in the recruitment process in each of your previous roles
  • Various policies you were responsible for researching, writing, and implementing
  • HR processes you were solely responsible for
  • Commitment to accuracy and details as evidenced by no spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes in your resume or cover letter
  • Excellent writing skills as evidenced on your cover letter that speaks to the type of culture you hope to be part of
  • Previous experience running payroll would be considered an asset
  • US experience would be considered an asset

During the interview, we will be looking for behaviours that demonstrate the following:

  • Commitment to treating team members like customers; how you go above and beyond to create trusted relationships internally and make an impact through coaching and advising
  • Ways you have innovated HR processes or programs (through design thinking or other)
  • Managing Priorities and Project Management: How you ensure your tasks are completed on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Your ability to see a potential problem before it becomes one by developing a program or communication to stop it from happening
  • Your support of strategic initiatives that have helped your business move forward
  • The type of HR reports you have used in the past to help guide decision making
  • How you have connected in a remote environment and found success

Your references should be able to speak to:

  • Your quality and accuracy of work
  • Your commitment to administrative processes
  • Your ability to coach and advise
  • Your verbal communication inside the company and your ability to impact the culture

What’s in it for you?

  • We’re a values-driven company that is scaling and growing quickly across both Canada and the US (Farmer First, Fiercely Innovative, and Focused on Quality)
  • Opportunity for growth - if you demonstrate leadership skills, this department could be yours to grow!
  • Starting salary for this role is $70,000
  • Fully remote, opportunity – work from anywhere in North America!
  • Extensive benefits, a minimum of 15 days of paid time off

To Apply

Please submit your resume online (in one document). While we thank all those who apply, only those deemed qualified by the hiring manager will be contacted.